A fine example of the Staffordshire

figure of Simon or Cymon as a sad

young man standing beside a tree

trunk. With arms folded and wearing

a hat, orange waistcoat and brown britches.  Circa 1815

Possibly some good restoration on his trousers but can't be seen.

22.5 cm high

£ 115.00

Cymon is the hero of The Decameron, set in Cyprus and written about 1350 by Giovanni Boccaccio. Cymon was deemed a dolt by his aristocratic father and was sent to live
and work with his fathers slaves in the countryside.He becomes increasingly coarse living in this environment but one day he comes upon the highborn Iphigenia sleeping in a field .
He is so smitten by her beauty that his noble bearing resurfaces and his father reinstates him. Although Iphigenia is promised to another Cymon wins her around and they live happily ever after.

Staffordshire Figure of    

      Simon or Cymon